Mike Capizzi, Dean of the Loyalty Academy

Mike Capizzi, CLMP

Mike Capizzi is the Dean of the Loyalty Academy. A 45+ year veteran of the Marketing Services industry with deep knowledge of the Loyalty Marketing space, Mike currently operates a specialized consulting practice assisting clients in the identification, design, financial assessment, technical enablement and on-going enhancement of consumer and B2B loyalty, incentive and employee rewards programs. Mike supports many marketing services firms in the loyalty and database area with strategic planning, marketing research projects, competitive analysis, new market and new product/service assessments. He is a noted advisor to private equity and investment analysts in investigating, understanding and profiling marketing services firms who represent potential investment opportunities.

Mike is a globally recognized speaker and author in the loyalty arena and a partner in the Wise Marketer Group. He is a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ (CLMP) and has taught loyalty and marketing courses at five US universities and among practitioners in fifteen different countries. He holds a BBA in Marketing from the University of Cincinnati and an MA in Media from New York University.

Aaron Dauphinee, CLMP

Aaron Dauphinee, CLMP

Aaron leads day-to-day operations and corporate development for the Wise Marketer Group.

Aaron is an award winning B2B marketer with 19 years of consumer-centric and data-driven marketing, market research, and loyalty industry experience. He is a recognized thought leader for how brands can use data intelligently to deliver value through their marketing efforts. He is also a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™.

Previously, he has been: a senior marketer at Rubikloud and Aimia, led client services for the small business division of what is now Gartner CEB, and held corporate and business development team roles within Alliance Data’s AirMiles business unit.

Aaron holds a Bachelor of Science (Honors) from the University of Waterloo in Canada. He obtained his Master of Business Administration from the Wayne Huizenga School of Business at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, USA. He also taught Marketing for 5 years at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.

He has executive level certifications in Brand Leadership from the Business School at Columbia University in New York, USA and in Mergers & Acquisitions from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, USA. Aaron joined the Loyalty Academy faculty in 2018.

Bill Hanifin, CLMP

Bill Hanifin, CLMP

Bill is President and CEO of Hanifin Loyalty, focusing his work at the intersection of data-driven marketing, payment products, and marketing technology. While creativity and innovation are part of what he promises to clients, the highest objective of his work is to transform thought leadership into practical marketing solutions which can be successfully executed to build competitive advantage in the marketplace.

In addition to leading Hanifin Loyalty, Bill is the Chief Executive Officer for The Wise Marketer Group, a global education and publishing enterprise covering the loyalty marketing industry.  He also publishes the Loyalty Truth blog, a unique source of independent and unbiased insights in customer centric marketing. 

Bill holds a BS in Finance from the McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia. He has been facilitating loyalty marketing workshops since the early 2000’s.

Nick Chambers

Margaret Meraw, CLMP

Margaret Meraw has over 36 years of experience in the loyalty marketing and financial services industries. Margaret has successfully strategized with global financial institutions, C-stores, retailers, restaurants, airlines and telecoms to implement large-scale loyalty, travel and marketing products and programs throughout North America, and the Caribbean.

Today, she runs Effective Execution, an independent consulting practice out of Toronto which focuses on helping clients realize efficiency, effectiveness and competitive differentiation in their marketing strategies and operations.

Previously, Margaret served as an Executive Leader at loyalty service provider Kobie Marketing, directing large and diverse teams across multiple disciplines to effectively manage client implementations and integrations.

Margaret formerly worked for RBC Royal Bank (RBC), the largest financial institution in Canada. She was part of the 3-year task force responsible to launch EMV (Chip and PIN) within Canada. Margaret oversaw a team responsible to manage 150+ global vendors supporting the complex Payments Industry.

Margaret has a Masters in Business Administration and Graduate Degree in Management from Athabasca University (CA). She is a Partner in the Customer Strategy Network, joined the Loyalty Academy faculty in March of 2017 and was named to the Board of Regents in December of the same year.

Nick Chambers

Nick Chambers, CLMP

Nick is an expert in taking companies mobile & digital. He helps clients build stronger customer relationships through mobile applications using both emotional engagement and data insights

Experienced in providing technology & services in all aspects of mobile loyalty & payments, Nick has launched and managed mobile loyalty programmes for a number of leading UK brands including Giraffe restaurants, Sodexo & Ed’s Easy Diner.

Nick is CEO of Mobile Loyalty Technologies Limited and has previously held senior loyalty marketing positions with Avios (formally Airmiles), AIMIA and Shell. He has also been involved in a number of successful start-ups, including Kula Causes, a US based social venture & technology company.

Nick is a regular conference speaker and contributor to leading loyalty marketing publications. He is also a Partner in the Customer Strategy Network.

Mark Mullinix, CLMP

Mark Mullinix leads the Consulting and Advisory function for Ascenda, a global provider of loyalty technology for the travel and financial services industries. Prior to that he was founder and Managing Director of Loyalty Advantage, a Singapore based full-service consulting and technology company focused on building effective travel industry and multi-segment programs. Mark has personally led or contributed to projects with airlines such as ANA, JAL, Cathay Pacific, Jet Airways, and Thai Airways, and large coalition programs such as Payback (Germany) and Rabbit Rewards (Thailand).

Prior to Loyalty Advantage, Mark was responsible for business development, credit card strategy, and rewards and product development for American Express, specializing in loyalty and rewards partnerships across Asia. Mark’s passion for loyalty has been developed over the past 15 years of extensive travel and engagement with the sector, including work with leading Canadian and UK coalition programs.

Mark is a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional (CLMP) and he joined the Loyalty Academy faculty in May 2017.  He holds a degree in Psychology and Sociology from Dartmouth College (USA) and an MBA from INSEAD (Singapore).

James Christensen, CLMP

James has over 25 years experience working at the forefront of emerging markets where payments and loyalty converge. He was a pioneer in gift cards and real time points as Founder of Ernex and has held leadership positions at TSYS Loyalty, RBC Cards, and RewardStream. James has worked with leading brands in payments, retail, and F&B including Eddie Bauer, Visa, AT&T, Levi Strauss, The Palm, Choice Hotels, and McDonalds.

Today, James advises companies navigating the digital disruption and noise being caused by rapid changes in payments, point of sale, and cloud technologies. He focuses on strategic planning, product innovation, and sales development, helping his clients take advantage of the digital revolution happening in brick and mortar retail. He has expertise in loyalty, payment innovation, card linking, cloud commerce, mobile payments and mobile ordering.

James lives in Vancouver, BC, CANADA where he operates his consulting practice, The Loyalty Point. He is a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ and joined the Loyalty Academy Faculty in 2019 with a focus on the intersection of payments and loyalty. He is a frequent contributor to The Wise Marketer and a member of the Delphi Panel at The Loyalty Academy. He received a BA Economics from the University of Victoria and has completed a CMA accounting designation.

Jim Griffin, Guest Lecturer

Jim is Americas Director for Cartesian DataSciences, a Frost & Sullivan Marketing Analytics Company of the Year award winner. He also serves as a faculty member at the University of Texas Austin’s graduate program in business analytics. At Cartesian, which is a team of 200 data scientists who have done more than 100 projects worldwide, Jim has led numerous loyalty and CRM projects in the U.S., Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. He carries 20 years of combined experience in analytics, machine learning, CRM, and loyalty marketing.

Jim is the author of “The Customer Genome – An Empirical Approach to Segment-of-One Marketing,” DMA Analytics Journal. This article describes the IP behind an AI-based technology called SOLUS that now delivers Segment of One marketing at a scale of millions. Previously, Jim launched and ran a loyalty program for a top retailer in the Philippines, and while there, he developed an approach for detecting cashier fraud within retail loyalty programs. He has previous Senior Management experience in the Philippines with APAC, in Latin America with Toshiba and with Office Depot in the US. He holds an MBA in Marketing from the University of Minnesota and has done post-graduate work in Statistics at UP Diliman.

He joined the Loyalty Academy Faculty as a Guest Lecturer in 2020.

Len Llaguno, Guest Lecturer

Len Llaguno is the Founder and Managing Partner at KYROS Insights, the world’s only actuarial firm that solely focuses on loyalty programs. He and his team have been working with many of the world’s largest loyalty programs for more than 10 years, doing highly specialized actuarial analytics to address the wide range of finance, accounting and economic issues facing modern loyalty programs.

At KYROS, he leads a team of innovative actuaries with deep experience in this niche field. They are painstakingly designing solutions specific for teams that manage financial aspects of loyalty programs. Their solutions range from liability and cash flow management tools to financial reporting and audit support, scenario testing program changes, program valuation and machine learning to optimize financial performance.

Len is an enthusiastic advocate for loyalty programs as a driver of economic value. He often sees his job as helping loyalty marketers convince finance to invest more in loyalty. He joined the Loyalty Academy Faculty as a Guest Lecturer in 2020.

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