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Transform your loyalty strategy by attending the 2019 Loyalty Academy Conference!

While you may have missed the 3rd Annual Loyalty Academy Conference held this past March in Boca Raton, FL you can certainly make plans for the 2019 event!

We will post details as they become available but preliminary plans call for a 1-day mega event held in late February or early March 2019 in South Florida.

If you’d like to have access to the 2018 Live Stream recording click here.  

The issues discussed at this year’s conference centered around the Loyalty Revolution which is re-shaping our industry. Specific topics included customer personalization, block chain, artificial intelligence, loyalty demographics, adoption of mobile technologies and the importance of front-line associates in delivering a memorable customer experience.  Presenters from both the client and practitioner side of the desk engaged the audience with wit, research, case studies and expert opinions about where we may be going.  You don’t want to miss this next year.

Attend the 2019 Loyalty Academy Conference to stay informed, stay engaged and stay committed to the global loyalty marketing industry. Sign up for updates and we’ll keep you abreast of 2019 developments. 

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The 4th Annual Loyalty Academy Conference

Late February – Early March 2019

South Florida 

The Loyalty Academy Conference brings together the leading minds in loyalty marketing for an intimate one-day conference of insightful learning and discussion of the biggest challenges in building customer loyalty today. Network and mingle at one of south Florida’s premiere resort properties while tackling the big-rock issues that will affect your loyalty efforts in the coming year.

You: A mid- to senior-level marketer with an interest in building the most effective customer strategy you can offer to your best customers, senior management, and stakeholders. Whether you’re an airline, a card marketer, a hotelier, a retailer, or a B2B provider, you’ll find invaluable insight at the Loyalty Academy Conference – and your opinions will be in high demand.


The 2018 Agenda

8:00 am                              Registration Opens

9:00 – 9:15am                   Welcome
Bill Hanifin, CEO, Wise Marketer Group


9:15-10:00 am                   Opening Keynote        THE LOYALTY REVOLUTION IS REAL
Sarah Phelps, SVP, Rewards Management, Wells Fargo

Why it matters and how marketers can benefit the most from it

Connecting with your best customers should be easier with the adoption of new technologies and with more customer-specific data being available, yet some brands need help understanding why the greatest gains come from connecting with their customers.  Sarah will apply personal experiences and perspectives on the key elements of the ‘Loyalty Revolution’ to showcase evidence for what marketers need to know to deliver growth from sustainable and profitable relationships with customers.

10:00 – 10:45am                THE REVOLUTION IN CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE
Matt Garrett, EVP, Strategy & Implementation, rDialogue

How loyalty and CX are evolving into a unified customer strategy

A series of brand and client executions will showcase how Loyalty is redefining the customer experience and reinforce the perspective that CX is not the new loyalty, but Loyalty is the new CX.  Furthering the point of view that Loyalty should be elevating the CX for a brand’s most valuable customers. The loyalty infused CX allows brands to more naturally drive engagement from customers, and in turn, enable the brand to demonstrate their commitment to the customer.

10:45 – 11:00am               Break


11 – 12:00 noon               THE REVOLUTION IN CUSTOMER ANALYTICS
Dr. Rachel Royal, Director of Organic Growth Intelligence & Strategy, at Owens Corning

How AI, machine learning, and behavioral science are transforming customer relationships

If “Loyalty Marketing” were a branded pharmaceutical, “data-driven marketing” could be the generic equivalent. The concepts behind both terms trace their roots to the Direct Marketing industry, where campaigns created to make offers to specified groups of customers were trialed, evaluated, and tweaked continuously for greater success.  The revolution in customer analytics entails change to how retailers, and other verticals, collect, treat and put customer data to work to achieve their customer and business objectives.

12:00 – 1:30pm                Lunch and Break


1:30 – 2:15pm                 THE REVOLUTION IN TECHNOLOGY
Ali Aidi, Director Identity Solutions, Mastercard (panelist)
Timothy Myers, Principal, Blue Latitudes Consulting (panelist)

How blockchain adoption and crypto currencies will impact the connections we have with our customers

There is a full expectation that the data-driven loyalty industry will embrace the adoption of blockchain technology and crypto currencies in the near term. A panel discussion will bring clarity to what blockchain technology and crypto currencies are.  It will also outline the extent and nature of the disruption they will bring to the loyalty ecosystem and each of its three principals: brand organizations, service providers, and consumers.

2:15 – 3:00pm                   THE REVOLUTION IN LOYALTY PSYCHOLOGY
JoAnna Brandi, Chief Inspiration Officer, Return on Happiness

How bringing humanity to customer loyalty can break open new opportunities for your brand

Revolutions more often stem from a sense of disillusionment when a positive vision emerges alongside a sensibility that radical change is needed to achieve it.  Often there are elements that remain the same because they are principally held beliefs and they can support the positivity of the change, but they need to embrace the new thinking.  We expect this combined view to spark innovation for loyalty and customer experience, in particular, towards humanizing the interactions between brands and  their customers through the use of technology.

3 – 3:15pm                         Afternoon Break


3:15 – 4:00pm                   Keynote: THE REVOLUTION CUSTOMER-CENTRICITY
Barry Kirk, VP Loyalty Marketing Solutions, Maritz Motivation Solutions


4:00 – 5:30pm                   THE LOYALTY ROCKBREAKER     

  • Jeff Mankoff, CEO, vPromos (panelist)

  • Andy Althauser, co-founder and EVP, Bridge2 Solutions (panelist)

  • Chuck Krallman, CEO, Nanosurvey (panelist)

The Rockbreaker Panel brings three organizations together to smash some of the “Big Rock” topics of the conference and  offer practical solutions that will smash a few of them into bits.  A facilitated discussion on innovative technologies that will change the way you engage and communicate with your customers.

Rockbreaker Judges:

  • Michael Hemsey, Merkle Loyalty
  • Steve Allmen – Loyalty & Co.
  • David Andreadakis, Kobie Marketing

The 2018 Loyalty Rockbreaker Event was a smashing success!

The 2018 Rockbreaker Panel brought together 3 organizations selected by our judges as offering new solutions to smash one of the “Big Rock” topics covered during the 3rd Annual Loyalty Academy Conference.  Presenters included vPromos, Bridge 2 Solutions and NanoSurvey.  Each took their solution pitch to the audience and our esteemed panel of judges in “Shark Tank” fashion.

The 2018 Rockbreaker Award winner was Bridge 2 Solutions.  It was a hard fought battle, but in the end the judges gave them the nod over the other two competitors. All three companies had outstanding new solutions to help brands navigate the new loyalty landscape.

It’s not enough to inform about the most important and pressing issues in the customer engagement and loyalty industry, we decided we needed to offer practical solutions to smash a few of them into bits. That’s what the Rockbreakers did and we will likely repeat the session in 2019.

Join us in 2019 for a facilitated discussion of innovative technology that could change the way you engage and communicate with your customers forever.

To submit an entry to the 2019 competition, interested companies must submit no more than a 10-slide presentation deck, in PDF file format, to with the words “Loyalty Rockbreaker Submission” in the subject line of the email. Entries must include contact information (contact name, title, email address and phone number), and must be submitted no later than December 31, 2018.

The Loyalty Academy Conference 2018: Testimonials

Still uncertain if the Loyalty Academy Conference is worth the investment of your precious time and travel budget? Don’t take our word for it – here are a few choice quotes from attendees at the 3rd annual Loyalty Academy Conference on March 8, 2018 at the Waterstone Beach Resort in Boca Raton, FL.

“You probably have the top ten minds of the Loyalty Industry in this room today. So, take advantage of this opportunity!”

Sarah Phelps

Senior Vice President, Rewards Management, Wells Fargo

“Another great event at the Loyalty Academy. Thanks to Bill, Mike, and the whole team for the opportunity to participate. This is the closest our industry can come to a doctorate consortium. It’s the think tank of loyalty.”

Dave Andreadakis

Chief Strategy Officer, Kobie Marketing

“Great conference…worth the trip over.”

Mark Bergdahl

UK Loyalty Expert across a broad range of industries

“– and certainly agree it was a high-quality, thought-provoking event. Anyone who wants to be seen as a leader in the loyalty space needs to make Loyalty Academy an annual ritual.”

Barry Kirk, CLMP

VP Loyalty, Maritz Motivation Solutions

“My boss asked me how it went. I handed him 15 pages of organized notes with specific recommendations on what we could be doing differently in our program. This was a great event – the south Florida venue, the first-class arrangements, the networking reception and the opportunity to learn from the brightest minds in loyalty.  Thank you!”

Requested Anonymity

Loyalty Marketing Manager, Consumer Goods and Services Company

“Just a quick note to tell you thank you and congratulations for the great job that you did with the Loyalty Academy last week. Our attending clients and my Hinda folks were impressed with the progress the event made YOY. I watched most of it via live streaming. Great job! You should be proud of the event and all of the hard work that I know goes into something like that.”

Mike Donnelly, CPIM

President, Hinda Incentives

“Great conference – very informative. Kudos to you and the team.”

Dan Tobal

Vice President, Bank of America

“To me it felt like the true guard was back together.  Guardians of the industry and what it stands for and can mean.   It was real content and real connections.  No BS.  Proven innovators and those seeking to learn.  Also, a testing ground.  Bravo.”   

Michael Hemsey

Executive Vice President, Loyalty Solutions Group, Merkle

The Loyalty Academy Conference 2019: Sponsorships

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Conference Sponsorships


By sponsoring our annual Loyalty Academy Conference, you’ll learn from, share with, and network with some of the leading practitioners in loyalty marketing. Our conference isn’t a trade show – it’s a senior-level, highly interactive, collaborative, and intimate summit where brand attendees feel comfortable sharing their stories in a non-sales environment. Our conference sponsors get more than just event signage – we work with our sponsors to shape the event within an environment of trust.

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