Margaret Meraw

Margaret Meraw, CLMP

Margaret Meraw has over 36 years of experience in the loyalty marketing and financial services industries. Margaret has successfully strategized with global financial institutions, C-stores, retailers, restaurants, airlines and telecoms to implement large-scale loyalty, travel and marketing products and programs throughout North America, and the Caribbean.

Today, she runs Effective Execution, an independent consulting practice out of Toronto which focuses on helping clients realize efficiency, effectiveness and competitive differentiation in their marketing strategies and operations.

Previously, Margaret served as an Executive Leader at loyalty service provider Kobie Marketing, directing large and diverse teams across multiple disciplines to effectively manage client implementations and integrations.

Margaret formerly worked for RBC Royal Bank (RBC), the largest financial institution in Canada. She was part of the 3-year task force responsible to launch EMV (Chip and PIN) within Canada. Margaret oversaw a team responsible to manage 150+ global vendors supporting the complex Payments Industry.

Margaret has a Masters in Business Administration and Graduate Degree in Management from Athabasca University (CA). She joined the Loyalty Academy faculty in March of 2017 and was named to the Board of Regents in December of the same year.