India’s Third Loyalty Academy CLMP™ Certification Workshop

Coming Soon in 2024
Mumbai, India

Event Info

Loyalty Academy and The Wise Marketer jointly present the third public Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ Workshop provided by our partner Strategic Caravan.
For those who wish to achieve the distinction of Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ (CLMP), this workshop is for you! 
This workshop and its content are uniquely designed and will be of benefit to a broad range of both brands and service providers/agencies. Participants represent managers, directors and Executive leaders from the loyalty industry and other data-driven Marketing and Technology disciplines. Whether you have an existing programme and are looking to evaluate or refresh its design, or you are thinking about developing and deploying a programme for the first time, this is the one workshop which can help you the most.
  • This is an in-person event led by senior faculty members of the Academy over a 3-day period.
  • The workshop is intense and covers all core modules, plus a selection of elective modules from the Full Curriculum offered by Loyalty Academy.
  • The workshop will also include featured presentations, discussions and regional relevance delivered by loyalty marketing professionals from India.
  • The workshop includes interactive exercises, substantial discussion, and participation opportunities for the attendees.
  • The workshop concludes with a case study and final examination – which will be evaluated by the Board of Regents for the Loyalty Academy.
  • CLMP™ Certification will be granted to all participants who pass their final exam and demonstrate their understanding and real-world use of the principles, practices, technologies and financial elements associated with winning loyalty strategies.
  • Your registration fee includes Membership for Life in the Loyalty Academy!
Rates: Special discounted rates are available, thanks to our sponsor Strategic Caravan:
  • INR 85,000 plus GST
  • INR 70,000 plus GST if you meet early registration deadlines.
  • Groups of 3 or more people from an organisation will receive a discounted group price of INR 70,000 per person, even after early registration closes.
Take advantage of these discounts by paying directly with Strategic Caravan who will facilitate a payment in Indian Rupees including GST3. You will then be provided with a coupon to register for your membership and final exam access through the Loyalty Academy
For additional information about payments or the final registration for the workshop, Please send an email to


Our Workshop runs over a three-day (3) session and includes a networking lunch each day, as well as a networking reception / cocktail event on the first evening. The cocktail event will be hosted by our sponsor, Strategic Caravan. You will receive digital copies of all lecture materials.

Day 1

  • Registration will open at 08h30 
  • The Workshop will begin at 09h00 and end at 17h00 
  • Topics 1 to 4 of the course (as detailed on the left) will be covered and will include a Regional Loyalty Marketing industry overview, featured presentations and interactive sessions. 
  • The day will conclude with a networking reception / cocktail event.

Day 2

  • The Workshop will begin at 09h00 and end at 17h00 
  • Topics 5 to 9 of the course (as detailed on the left) will be covered.

Day 3

  • The Workshop will begin at 09h00 and end at 17h00 
  • Topics 10 and 11 of the course (as detailed on the left) will be covered. 
  • The case study is an open discussion and concludes with a “What Really Happened” presentation including detailed financial analysis.  
  • The exam is administered online and is best taken immediately following the conclusion of the workshop.

Meet Our Hosts

Wise Marketer Group

The Wise Marketer Group (WMG) publishes, the most widely read news source for Customer and Loyalty marketing in the world and operates the Loyalty Academy™, the first industry professional education platform, offering the designation of Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ (CLMP) to those completing the curriculum. delivers timely and unbiased news research, and industry data to a global audience of marketing professionals. The media site has served the global loyalty marketing industry for the past 18 years and is the principal advocate for and collaborative center of this growing industry.

The Loyalty Academy™ is the premiere global education and membership organization for loyalty marketing practitioners. Since 2015, the Loyalty Academy has offered certification for loyalty marketing professionals via online, in-person, and customized in-house educational workshops and seminars.

The Loyalty Academy has:

  • Earned worldwide acceptance as the global industry standard for loyalty education.
  • Certified over 866 CLMPs in 49 geographic markets around the world.
  • Delivered in-person training and educational events in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Dubai, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, The Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom, and the United States.
  • Become the premier community of loyalty marketing professionals with unmatched experience, collaboration, global perspective, and total commitment to the industry.

All workshop participants will be granted lifetime membership to the Loyalty Academy and will be granted free online access to the most comprehensive loyalty library (Vault) in the world containing loyalty marketing publications, research studies, thought leadership, white papers, and practical tools PLUS discounted registration to all Wise Marketer Conferences and Events.

CLMPs will be granted free access to ALL courses in the curriculum, including electives, guest lectures and new courses developed in the future!

Workshop Facilitators

Brian Almeida

Managing Partner and Founder

Strategic Caravan International Pvt Ltd

Smita Khot

CEO, Strategic Caravan International Pvt Ltd


Benefits of Certification

The CLMP Certification is the only recognized professional certification in the loyalty marketing industry.

  • The distinction tells your employer, your clients, your peers and the entire industry that you have achieved the highest level of professionalism and advanced education associated with the discipline of loyalty marketing.
  • The CLMP designation is being used worldwide and since it is a personal distinction, you carry it with you for the rest of your career.
  • The curriculum has been carefully constructed by the Loyalty Academy Faculty – all veteran practitioners of loyalty marketing who have worked in many different capacities encompassing every part of the loyalty industry.
  • Loyalty Academy operates with the oversight of a Board of Regents, composed of an international panel of practitioners and academics.
  • Each Faculty Member has gone through a strict and thorough application process, has taught individual courses before and has been approved by the Board of Regents.
  • The principles and practices which form the foundation of this workshop can be adopted by loyalty practitioners from both, consumer and B2B markets across the world.

Benefits of Loyalty Academy Lifetime Membership

Membership is for your lifetime and includes:

  • Free Access to the Members Only Vault where you’ll find a comprehensive library of (tools, research, white papers and presentations created by veterans of the Loyalty industry)
  • Up to 20% discount to attend all Loyalty Academy Events and Conferences
  • Free Access to the annual Delphi Panel reports, tackling the most controversial issues in loyalty marketing with expert-based research
  • Exclusive access to the global Loyalty Academy faculty
  • Exclusive networking opportunities


We at Strategic Caravan are a group of diehard customer loyalty enthusiasts, passionate about helping our clients build enduring customer relationships and delivering bottom-line results for them. Getting customers is one thing — keeping and growing them with you in a way that is mutually profitable happens only when you make them feel that they are more than just a business transaction. We help our clients foster customer loyalty and engagement through customer acquisition, customer retention and customer valuation advisory services. Our extensive experience, niche focus and lean team size makes us agile and sharp to adapt to any challenges thrown at us. And we respond to every occasion with solutions that move markets. 
We are proud to have been instrumental in launching and managing some of India’s most well-known customer-centric initiatives, CRM strategies and loyalty programs. Investing time and effort to create value for clients not only helps us define a new future but also set new standards of excellence that become a benchmark for others to emulate. 


Will be announced in 2024.

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Testimonials from the 2nd CLMP™ Workshop India – 2023
Here’s what two participants of the CLMP Bengaluru 2023 workshop had to say about the workshop. 
When I got the chance to be a part of the CLMP Workshop I was very excited, I had certain expectations in my mind, and the last 3 days have been very enriching. Certain learnings and key takeaways are the psychology behind the loyalty program, what drives people to join loyalty programs, what should be the ideal construct of the loyalty program, moving from transactional to emotional loyalty….Kudos to Strategic Caravan and The Loyalty Academy for organizing this. ” 

Dilpreet Singh, Head – Loyalty, CRM and Partnerships, ITC Hotels

It has been a great, enriching experience being part of the CLMP Workshop. The best part is learning from the trainers through real-life examples. I thoroughly enjoyed the last 3 days and there is lots of learning to take back and implement.” 
Sibi Rajan, Data Science Lead, Shell

Testimonials from the 1st CLMP™ Workshop India – 2022

Read the testimonial from a CEO who recently attended one of our workshops:

We have 100’s of other testimonials from CLMPs who have been through this program – a few examples:

“I am excited to share that I am now a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ (CLMP) from The Loyalty Academy. It feels great to have earned this distinction and to be a part of this growing community of loyalty professionals and leaders. The program was an enriching opportunity to get unique insights and learn the principles and practices of loyalty marketing. This, along with getting to network with and learn from experts in the industry. Thanks to the instructors Bill Hanifin, CLMP™, Brian Almeida F IDM CLMP™, and Mala Raj CLMP™, and fellow participants for sharing their knowledge on several aspects of loyalty, from strategy to implementation to exploring future possibilities. Lastly thanks to Epsilon India, a leader in Loyalty Marketing, for making it happen, and my manager Patrick Sim for your support and encouragement. Look forward to building the future of #customercentric and #hyperpersonalized experiences for our clients, as they truly deserve.”

Aniruddha Chaturvedi, Sr. Director, Sales Support, Epsilon (India)

“I am extremely happy and pumped up taking up this course. The dedication and passion you have showcased in responding to each of my emails and sharing such a detailed analysis is inspiring. 

I feel wonderful and have learned immensely from the course. I have actually watched all the videos in the curriculum without skipping even the electives. It was a pleasure taking this up. Thanks for your guidance and support. Please let me know the next steps.  I will spread the word in my circle, so that fellow colleagues also take up this wonderful course & get their certifications. Please continue the great work that you’re doing! It’s been a beautiful and amazing learning experience”

Arjun Singh, Accenture, (India)

“Fantastic, thank you! I really enjoyed the CLMP process and courses and will definitely be taking more. Some great educational content there, nice work guys.” 

Glenn Shaw, Director of Business Development, Incentive Solutions Ltd (New Zealand)

“What a great experience with the The Loyalty Academy, something I would highly recommend if you are interested in loyalty marketing. Thank you for a wonderful time learning more about loyalty! Great to have this certification and look forward to using the knowledge gained to help our partners!”

Mark Schoombie, Gratifii (UAE, South Africa, Australia)


“Thank you The Loyalty Academy! Feels great to be a part of such a unique & elite community of loyalty professionals. Margaret Meraw, MBA, CLMP & Michael Capizzi, CLMP – Thank you for your constant support during the entire course duration & after!”

Krishma Chheda, Analytics Consultant (Australia)

“During the CLMP training this year, you presented the ROI model, which I found to be one of the more exciting parts of the overall material. We recently worked on a tender to acquire a new customer for i360 – a retail chain running 150 stores across the country supported by a robust e-commerce model. We spent more than 100 hours developing the ROI model you showed, primarily supplementing it with detailed parameters that needed to be considered while planning project finance. On top of that, we extrapolated the results for the following years and created detailed management dashboards of the implications of the costs incurred on EBITDA, depreciation, cash requirements, etc.

As a result of this work, I have just signed a >1 mil USD contract with a new client. They conveyed that a significant factor in their decision to choose i360 was the professional development of ROI analytics. The above would not have been possible had it not been for your training.”

Tomasz Makaruk, CEO, i360 (Poland)