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Part 2: Data Privacy and Data Security With Elias Partnership

In this month’s continuing coverage of Data Security & Data Privacy, we talk with Dean Armstrong QC and Richard Dutton, two of the most informed persons we have encountered on this topic.

Dean is Head of Chambers at the 36 Group and is also the Chairman of the ELIAS Partnership. Richard Dutton is Managing Director of the ELIAS Partnership and focuses on data rights in sports as well as in other areas of business. ELIAS is part of Project Red Card a group arguing on behalf of Premier League footballers that under UK and EU data protection laws, their performance data is actually personal data, and is being exploited for financial gain without their consent.

Tune in as they address the question of “why regulate PII?”, explain the real purpose of GDPR, what transpired with Privacy Shield, and unpack the court decision known as “Schrems II”. Finally, they share why regulators have been slower than expected to impose GDPR related sanctions and how the legal community is filling that void.

How Can Loyalty Auctions Make Your B2B Loyalty Marketing Program a Winner?

In part 2 of our interview with Glenn Shaw, Client & Business Development Director for New Zealand and Australia at B2B loyalty specialist Incentive Solutions, we discussed how they’re using auctions to disrupt the industry.

One area of specialty where Glenn has lots of experience is in using loyalty auctions to drive engagement and program success. Auctions are a great way to differentiate the reward experience in your program, plus did we say it yet, they’re fun!

Loyalty auctions are a powerful program tool, and we share this quick discussion with you so that you can get the info you need in less than ten minutes.

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Loyalty Academy

The Loyalty Academy™, a product of the Wise Marketer Group, is the premier global education and membership organization for loyalty marketing practitioners. The Loyalty Academy™ offers certification for loyalty marketing professionals via online, in-person, and customized in-house educational workshops and seminars. The Loyalty Academy™ also offers membership options that provide free access to loyalty marketing publications and tools, discounted tuition fees, and discounted registration to Loyalty Academy events worldwide. 

Why join the Loyalty Academy™?

Building long term customer loyalty is one of the biggest challenges in business today. Customer behaviors have shifted and customers themselves are empowered as never before to make purchase decisions independent of advertising messages and brand promotion.

  • The Loyalty Academy™ equips marketers with the skills and best practices necessary to address these challenges, and learn new approaches to winning customer market and mind share.
  • By taking our 15 credit-hour Core Curriculum in Loyalty Marketing, you can achieve accreditation as a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ (CLMP).
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Who should attend?
  • Marketing professionals in B2C or B2B brands who seek a thorough grounding in loyalty marketing principles and best practices
  • Professionals new to an organization who require education on loyalty marketing theory to assume day-to-day responsibility for managing a customer loyalty program
  • Senior executives in organizations with overall responsibility for managing the organization’s customer strategy and who require a refresher education on loyalty marketing theory and practice
What’s my return on investment?

By attending the Loyalty Academy™, you’ll enjoy a clear return on your investment:

  • Learn how to apply the principles and best practices of loyalty marketing to drive customer value at the enterprise level
  • Learn how the core principles of loyalty marketing can improve customer relationships
  • Access to Loyalty Academy™ faculty and fellow students for invaluable discussion, insights, and networking
  • Accreditation as a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ (CLMP)
  • By becoming a lifetime member of the Loyalty Academy™ for a one-time fee, you’ll unlock additional benefits including:
    • Free access to the Loyalty Guide v7, the “bible” of the customer loyalty industry, and deep discounts on future versions of the Guide
    • Discounts on all courses taken to earn your CLMP certificate
    • Discount to attend any Loyalty Academy event or conference
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    • And… more!