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Please note, with the current COVID-19 pandemic,  we don't know how buisness travel will be impacted in the foreseeable future. We plan on holding all of our scheduled events for 2020, but the dates may need some re-scheduling as the situation unfolds. In the meantime, you can virtually attend our CLMP On-Demand program to become a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™.

This bundle includes EVERYTHING you need to become CLMP certified. It includes a one year membership to the Loyalty Academy and access to 14 courses plus your final exam. Once the courses are completed, your final exam passed, and a Board of Regents review, you will earn the right to call yourself a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ (CLMP)!

And once you earn your CLMP, you will become a lifetime member (free annual membership for life) at the Loyalty Academy.

The Loyalty Academy™ offers the world’s first formalized educational and training curriculum for customer loyalty professionals and marketers of all stripes.

Whether you’re just joining a loyalty team for the first time and need a solid education in customer loyalty theory and practice, or whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to refresh your skills, the Loyalty Academy™ can help. We offer loyalty education by loyalty marketers, for loyalty marketers.

Upcoming Events Schedule


New elective courses available on-demand at The Loyalty Academy. Use our ON DEMAND platform as we deliver new material in the areas of Liability Management and Predictive Analytics.

303 – Advanced Liability Management

Instructor: Len Llaguno

This course will offer an advanced assessment of the issues involving loyalty program liability. Focus will be on estimating and anticipating changes in points breakage and overall management of the program liability.


209 – Introduction to Loyalty Liability Management

Instructor: Len Llaguno

This course provides an in-depth assessment of issues involving the management of loyalty program liability in currency-based or deferred reward loyalty models.


204 – Building Blocks for Predictive Analytics

Instructor: Jim Griffin

This course provides a detailed overview of predictive modeling in the field of loyalty marketing.


Upcoming Webinar

[CRMC Webinar Series] Peet’s and Panera: Serving up New Experiences and Engagement in a New Normal

July 15th @ 1 pm EST

In this new normal, every retail brand has had to adapt and pivot to meet some very new and complex business challenges. In this live webinar hosted by Bill Hanifin, CLMP from The Wise Marketer, Sean Claessen from Bond and Phil Rubin, CLMP from rDialogue, will join Lisa Regelman from Peet’s Coffee and Matt Warren from Panera Bread, in a lively and insightful discussion about their journey through the crisis and what the future looks like for consumers, employees, and the retail experience. 

More information and registration available here!


To learn more about becoming a Member of the Loyalty Academy™, click here.

Please note,
with the current COVID-19 pandemic, we do not anticipate cancelling events and plan to accommodate each paid registrant, and we will honor refunds for anyone who cannot re-schedule.



Loyalty Academy

The Loyalty Academy™, a product of the Wise Marketer Group, is the premier global education and membership organization for loyalty marketing practitioners. The Loyalty Academy™ offers certification for loyalty marketing professionals via online, in-person, and customized in-house educational workshops and seminars. The Loyalty Academy™ also offers membership options that provide free access to loyalty marketing publications and tools, discounted tuition fees, and discounted registration to Loyalty Academy events worldwide. 

Why join the Loyalty Academy™?

Building long term customer loyalty is one of the biggest challenges in business today. Customer behaviors have shifted and customers themselves are empowered as never before to make purchase decisions independent of advertising messages and brand promotion.

  • The Loyalty Academy™ equips marketers with the skills and best practices necessary to address these challenges, and learn new approaches to winning customer market and mind share.
  • By taking our 15 credit-hour Core Curriculum in Loyalty Marketing, you can achieve accreditation as a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ (CLMP).
  • Become a member of the Loyalty Academy™ for a low one-time annual fee and you’ll unlock an additional suite of benefits, including your first course free (a $375 value!), access to Member’s Only content in our Research Vault,  access to v7 of the Loyalty Guide (a $1,600 value!) and substantial discounts on all Loyalty Academy workshops and select events.
Who should attend?
  • Marketing professionals in B2C or B2B brands who seek a thorough grounding in loyalty marketing principles and best practices
  • Professionals new to an organization who require education on loyalty marketing theory to assume day-to-day responsibility for managing a customer loyalty program
  • Senior executives in organizations with overall responsibility for managing the organization’s customer strategy and who require a refresher education on loyalty marketing theory and practice
What’s my return on investment?

By attending the Loyalty Academy™, you’ll enjoy a clear return on your investment:

  • Learn how to apply the principles and best practices of loyalty marketing to drive customer value at the enterprise level
  • Learn how the core principles of loyalty marketing can improve customer relationships
  • Access to Loyalty Academy™ faculty and fellow students for invaluable discussion, insights, and networking
  • Accreditation as a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ (CLMP)
  • By becoming a member of the Loyalty Academy™ for a one-time low annual fee, you’ll unlock additional benefits including:
    • Free access to the Loyalty Guide v7, the “bible” of the customer loyalty industry, and deep discounts on future versions of the Guide
    • Discounts on all courses taken to earn your CLMP certificate
    • Discount to attend any Loyalty Academy event or conference
    • Access to members-only tools and research in the Member’s Only Vault
    • Exclusive networking and collaboration opportunities via our private LinkedIn Group
    • And… more!

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