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Customer loyalty is too important to leave to amateurs. Loyalty marketing isn’t just a title or an area of accountability. Loyalty marketing is a marketing discipline, with established principles, best practices, theories, and proven models that, when applied appropriately, result in stronger, more profitable, and more durable customer relationships.

Unfortunately, many marketers find themselves charged with operational responsibility of customer loyalty programs and initiatives without a formal grounding in loyalty theory and practice. Enter the Loyalty Academy: we offer individual, highly specific, professional development in a variety of areas relevant to the global loyalty marketing industry. Our courses are taught by some of the most recognizable names in customer loyalty—courses taught by professionals, for professionals.

Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ (CLMP)

Participants may elect to pursue study in one or more of the individual course topics or they may elect to complete the requirements for full certification. Upon completion of the requirements, each loyalty marketing professional will earn formal Certification by the Loyalty Academy. Certification bestows upon the recipient the right to use the letters CLMP next to individual’s name, the recipient inclusion in the annual alumni listing, and a framed diploma. Certification is an individual distinction and remains with the individual for life.

Certification will require the completion of 15 units of study from the CLMP coursework over a period not to exceed 3 years. Of the required 15 units of study, 12 units must be earned from the Core Curriculum; 2 units may be earned from any Electives of your choice; and the last (1) unit is earned after completing your Final Examination. These units can be earned individually or all at once by participating in the Annual Certification Workshop. The workshop is an intense, fully immersed 3 day course delivered in person at least once per year.

Annual Certification Workshop

The 2019 US Workshop will be held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, October 15-17. Registration and venue details here. Workshops plans are also under way for 2020 events in multiple places around the world (India, Dubai) so drop us a line if you are interested and we’ll keep you appraised.


Individual Professional Development

The Loyalty Academy offers courses in both basic and advanced theory and practice. Most course offerings may be taken on an individual basis in an on-line, interactive learning environment. Each course is tailored to a specific topic and delivers an in-depth understanding and discussion of that topic. Most individual course offerings involve 1 hour sessions and award the participant with unit credits they may elect to use towards their Certification.

Become a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional today and help advance the theory and practice of loyalty marketing. The end result: strong customer relationships, professional advancement, and membership in a global community of loyalty marketing professionals. Why not start today?

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