Course Curriculum


Specific Loyalty Academy courses range from required Core Curriculum courses (100 series) to Electives (200 series) to Advanced courses (300 series). Courses* vary in length depending on the topic but most are delivered in approximately one (1) hour. All courses are delivered in English unless otherwise noted. A high speed internet connection for your browser and either a VOIP or telephone audio signal will be required to participate. If you are a Lifetime Member, you can later view a recording of each course you attend.

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When a course listed below includes a scheduled date, this represents a live, online delivery by a Loyalty Academy Faculty member. During these sessions you will have the opportunity to interact with the faculty and ask questions or make comments along the way.  We attempt to schedule these courses at various times in the day in order to serve our global audience.

Alternatively, we have a convenient option to seamlessly integrate with your personal schedule. You can request an audio/video presentation to watch courses on demand, at your own pace. Most courses are available in this on demand format. All you need is a browser and a high-speed internet connection. Register for the courses you’d like to take ON DEMAND, and we’ll send you a personalized e-mail with access and pass code information.

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The Loyalty Academy Core Curriculum represents the courses required for a student to earn the distinction as a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional (CLMP) through the Loyalty Academy. To receive Certification, students must compete 15 units of coursework – 13 core units and any 2 elective courses of their choice. The Certification process culminates in an in-person Case Study analysis and presentation, in which the student must demonstrate mastery of the Core Curriculum through a case study presentation to faculty. Note that Core Curriculum courses can be taken in any order; they do not need to be taken in consecutive order to complete certification.

101 – Introduction to Loyalty Marketing

An in-depth assessment of the current state of the loyalty marketing industry from a global perspective.


102 – The Psychology of Customer Loyalty

This course provides an introduction to the psychological foundation of customer loyalty.


103 – Best Practices in Loyalty Marketing

This course provides a complete overview of the strategic principles and foundations of loyalty marketing.


104 – Loyalty Program Business Models

This course introduces students to the selection of a loyalty business model that will deliver program objectives and KPIs.


105 – Introduction to Loyalty Financial Modeling

This course provides a thorough overview of the key financial considerations in planning and managing a customer loyalty program.


106 – Creating a Customer Value Proposition

Learn the best practices and proven models for designing the core of any loyalty marketing effort: the value proposition.


107 – Introduction to Loyalty Analytics

Learn the fundamentals of customer segmentation within a loyalty program context.


108 – Loyalty Reward Strategies

Learn the fundamentals of effective reward design for customer loyalty programs.


109 – Introduction to Loyalty Technologies

Learn the considerations necessary to identify the optimal technology to support loyalty program operation.


110 – Introduction to Loyalty Communications

Learn the best practices for digital communication within a loyalty program context.


111 – Introduction to Loyalty Operations

Learn the key requirements, tools, platforms, staffing, and resources required to run a modern digital, multi-channel loyalty program.


112 – Key Success Factors in Loyalty Marketing

Learn the key strategic elements required for operation of a successful, profitable customer loyalty initiative.


113 – Final Exam and Case Study

This course is designed as the “final exam” for all students who have completed the Core Curriculum and desire to receive their certification as a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional™ (CLMP) from the Loyalty Academy.

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Loyalty Academy Elective Courses are presented on a variety of subjects for students who desire a deeper dive into various loyalty marketing topics not covered in the Core Curriculum. Only two (2) of these courses are required for CLMP status and all elective courses may be taken at any time and by any student, regardless of whether or not that student has completed the Core Curriculum. Students who earn CLMP status receive a discount on Elective course registration fees.

NOTE: Loyalty Academy Members will have access to archived courses they can complete at their convenience.

201 – The Future of Loyalty Marketing

This course, refreshed annually, provides an in-depth look at the macro-trends in technology, market forces, demographics, regulatory forces, and economics shaping the customer loyalty industry. Based on the 2018 Delphi Panel report.


202 – Principles of Soft Benefit Design

Learn how to incorporate soft-benefit recognition elements into your loyalty program.


203 – The Intersection of Loyalty and Engagement

Learn how to apply the principles and best practices of loyalty marketing to drive customer engagement at the enterprise level.


204 – Building Blocks for Predictive Analytics

This course provides a detailed overview of predictive modeling in the field of loyalty marketing.


205 – Member Care for Loyalty Marketers  

Learn best practices for member care within a loyalty program context. Students will receive an overview of the Member Care and contact center requirements to support loyalty program needs with practical discussion of agents, operations, metrics, reporting and technology.


206 – Advanced Customer Engagement & Gamification: Techniques, Tools and Tips

Learn how to measure and influence the engagement health of your community to build unbreakable brand-customer relationships using advanced principles of motivational psychology and game mechanics.


207 – Best Practices in Employee Loyalty and Engagement

Learn how the core principles of loyalty marketing can improve employee engagement and loyalty.


208 – Best Practices in Business-to-Business Loyalty

Learn how to apply the core principles of loyalty marketing in a business-to-business (B2B) context.


209 – Introduction to Loyalty Liability Management

This course provides an in-depth assessment of issues involving the management of loyalty program liability in currency-based or deferred reward loyalty models.


210 – Best Practices in Coalition Loyalty

This course provides an overview of best practices in a multi-partner loyalty coalition environment.


211 – Introduction to Loyalty Partnerships

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the types of partnerships used in loyalty marketing and how to apply each to any program.


212 – Introduction to Sustainability in Loyalty

Learn what sustainability means in the context of loyalty programs and how to build sustainability into your loyalty strategy and approach.



Throughout the year we invite CLMPs from around the world to develop a new course on a specific topic of interest.

301 – The Mobile Loyalty Landscape

The purpose of the module is to provide delegates with an high level appreciation of what to consider when launching a customer loyalty program based on a mobile platform.


302 – The Intersection of Loyalty and Payments

This course will provide a clear understanding of how payments systems and loyalty programs are related. As the payments landscape undergoes rapid global transformation, basic understanding of how such transformation affects loyalty, what technologies are common, and what the future looks like will be at the core foundation of this module.


303 – Advanced Liability Management

This module will offer an advanced assessment of the issues involving loyalty program liability. Focus will be on estimating and anticipating changes in points breakage and overall management of the program liability


304 – Introduction to Loyalty Fraud

The purpose of this module is to provide a high-level framework for understanding loyalty fraud, its potential impact on your program and members and what you can do to mitigate the problem.


*All courses are $375 USD. Become a Loyalty Academy Member and receive 60% off all courses and receive your first course FREE!