Certified Loyalty Marketing Professionals™ (CLMPs)

The individuals listed at the bottom of this page have earned the distinction of Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional as designated by the Board of Regents of The Loyalty Academy. Each has either:

  • Completed all required course work and final case study examination in accordance with the Board’s guidelines
  • And/or taught the required course work or similar modules in a professional education environment
  • And/or has demonstrated a lifelong set of learnings, thought leadership, program accomplishments and experiences in the loyalty marketing industry.

Many have accomplished all three.

Many CLMPs have contributed thought leadership, research and “dissertation” type papers to the Loyalty Academy library. These can be accessed exclusively by Loyalty Academy members here….https://loyaltyacademy.org/member-only-downloads/ (requires log-in)

The aggregate profile of all global CLMPs is as follows:

Average # of years within the loyalty marketing industry

Average # of loyalty marketing programs engaged with (lifetime)

% of CLMPs with practical experience in the following industries

  • Travel and Hospitality 96.9 %
  • Financial Services 87.5%
  • Retail (Brick and mortar) 84.4%
  • Coalition Programs 84.4%
  • E-commerce 71.9%
  • Consumer Packaged Goods/FMCG 68.8%
  • Sports and Entertainment 68.8 %
  • Telecommunications 65.6%
  • Fuel/Petrol 62.5%
  • Health Care/Pharmaceuticals 56.3%
  • Media and Publishing 43.8%
  • Gaming/Casino 37.5%

% of CLMPs with practical experience in the following global markets

  • Europe 71.9%
  • Asia/Pacific 65.6%
  • North America 62.5%
  • Middle East/Africa 43.8%
  • Latin America/Caribbean 40.6%

Personal Educational Attainment


Bachelor’s Degree


Master’s Degree



CLMPs are a Global Phenomenon


  • David Parsons, Managing Partner, Ellipsis & Co
  • Tim Tyler, Managing Partner, Ellipsis & Co
  • Adam Schaffer, Managing Partner, Ellipsis & Co
  • Ms. Sarah Richardson, General Manager, Global Loyalty Pty Ltd



  • *Ms. Margaret Meraw, President, Effective Execution Consulting Company
  • Steve Allmen, Partner, Loyalty & Company


Czech Republic

  • Radek Hrachovec, Loyalty Marketing Solutions


Dubai (UAE)

  • Ms. Candida Goradia, Senior Loyalty Manager, Jumeirah Group


  • Ms. Nicole Wilhelm, Founder, Get Focused
  • Ms. Alina Goers, Advisory Services, Ernst & Young GmbH



  • Praphul Misra, OI Media
  • Manu Dogra, President, NetCarrots.com


New Zealand

  • Graeme Thomson, Director of the Wise Marketer Group and the Customer Strategy Network; Former Chairman of the Premium Group
  • Simon Rowles, Managing Partner, Aciem
  • David Harwood, CEO, Incentive Solutions, Ltd.



  • Piotr Dziurziński, Vice President, Loyalty and Marketing Solutions, Comarch SA



  • Ms. Elena Naumchik, Chairman, Association of Customer Loyalty and Customer Centricity

Saudi Arabia

  • Ishraq Al Thebiani, The Saudi Investment Bank



  • *Mark Mullinix, Managing Director, Loyalty Advantage Ltd
  • J.B. Ray, COO SEA, Marketing Services, Edenred Singapore


South Africa

  • Deon Olivier, Executive Director, Tritech Media


United Kingdom

  • *Michael J. Atkin, CEO, MJA and Associates
  • *Nick Chambers, CEO, Mobile Loyalty Technologies Ltd.
  • Clive Head, Loyalty Director, Network Rail
  • Brendan Abbott, Director of Business Development, Experian Marketing Services


United States

  • *Michael T. Capizzi, Dean of the Loyalty Academy and Managing Director, Marketing Strategists LLC   
  • *J. William Hanifin, COO, The Wise Marketer Group and CEO, Hanifin Loyalty LLC
  • Mike Giambattista, Managing Editor, The Wise Marketer
  • Richard Ferguson, Editorial Contributor, The Wise Marketer
  • Phil Rubin, CEO, rDialogue
  • Ms. Sarah Abend, Senior Client Strategy Officer, rDialogue
  • Barry Kirk, VP Loyalty Strategy, Maritz Motivation Solutions
  • Ms. Terri Gaughan, Senior Loyalty Consultant, Kobie Marketing
  • Ms. Kelly Hlavinka, Independent Loyalty Consultant
  • John Bartold, Co-Founder, BLK Strategic Services
  • Jeff Kindle, Co-Founder, BLK Strategic Services
  • Ms. Allison Cripps, Sr. Strategist, Merkle Loyalty Solutions
  • Ms. Christine Grant, Principal Consultant, Impact 21
  • Dan Caggiano, Senior Manager, Loyalty Products, FIS Global
  • Ms. Erin Van Auken, Merchandising Manager, North American Card Solutions, FIS Global
  • Roger Williams, Principal, Airline Solutions Business Consulting, Sabre
  • Ms. Stacey Walker, Loyalty Manager, AARP
  • Neil Axe, Director – Product Management, Cayan/TSYS
  • Adam Levy, Account Manager, Hinda Incentives
  • Marcin Kosciak, CEO, Bold Loyalty
  • C.M. Sashi, PhD, Professor of Marketing, Florida Atlantic University
  • Ethan Aparicio, MBA (2018), Florida Atlantic University
  • Ms. Tanya Peterban, MBA (2018), Florida Atlantic University


*Member of the Loyalty Academy faculty.
CLMP Profile Info as of October, 2017

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