Certified Loyalty Marketing Professionals™ (CLMPs)

Certified Loyalty Marketing Professionals™ (CLMPs)

The individuals listed on this page have earned the distinction of Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional as designated by the Board of Regents of The Loyalty Academy. Each has either:

  • Completed all required course work and final case study examination in accordance with the Board’s guidelines
  • And/or taught the required course work or similar modules in a professional education environment
  • And/or has demonstrated a lifelong set of learnings, thought leadership, program accomplishments and experiences in the loyalty marketing industry.

Many have accomplished all three.

Many CLMPs have contributed thought leadership, research and “dissertation” type papers to the Loyalty Academy Vault. These can be accessed exclusively by Loyalty Academy members who are logged in. Members, log in here, and then click “Vault” to view the content.

The aggregate profile of all CLMPs demonstrates the extensive loyalty knowledge and experience of the collective group.  As of 2022, this group of CLMPs averages 13.7 years of experience involving an average of 42.7 different programs each!

The collective group is experienced in all vertical markets in every region of the world and includes many individuals with advanced/master’s degrees in marketing and a few Ph.D.’s.

CLMPs are a Global Phenomenon

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